Food & beverage tanks - no compromise
on quality and hygiene.

If you're in the food or beverage industry, the slightest compromise in standards could leave a bad taste in a customer's mouth. It could seriously damage your brand. Ensure that your choice in process and storage tanks addresses this risk adequately.

Meet health & safety criteria.

GVTEC process and storage tanks meet the stringent hygiene standards demanded by the food & beverage industry. These tanks are an asset to producers that need to assure customers and regulatory organisations that they comply with health and safety criteria.

Meet your customers' needs.

GVTEC's quality assurance programme ensures that the tanks are built to meet the exact requirements of clients - in terms of capacity, functionality, hygiene, weld quality, traceability and ease of cleaning.

GVTEC can fabricate tanks of up to 375 000 l capacity. Diameters of up to 5,5 m are possible, thanks to CVTec's sophisticated de-coiling and welding process, in which horizontal lengths of steel - instead of sheets - are used. This means only a single weld seam is needed - ensuring durability, a clear saving in labour costs and a clean advance in hygienic standards.

Under pressure to perform.

GVTEC is renowned for the supply of certified pressure vessels to ASME IIX and BS5500 specifications. Alternate codes can be arranged with the design team. All GVTEC pressure vessels are built under strict third party oversight.

The tanks can be fully insulated with seal-welded cladding. The cooling jacket is welded in a fully automated resistance welding process, so human error is greatly reduced. Cooling is more efficient, which reduces electricity and coolant use.

A unique advance in hygiene.

A unique feature - not currently offered by other local manufacturers - is GVTEC's optional mirror-polished interior, which greatly enhances hygiene and ease of cleaning in place (CIP).

Tank dimensions and capacity

From 1 000 to 375 000 From 1 000 to 5 500 From 1 250 to 14 000 From 1 250 to 14 000



GVTEC specialises in designing and manufacturing purpose-built vessels. The company's qualified staff can manufacture any tank within the above specifications.

High specs ensure highest food & beverage quality.

  • Fabricated from austenitic stainless steel grade 304 or 316 throughout. Austenitic steel is corrosion resistant and does not become brittle at low temperatures, so it is ideal for food and beverages.
  • All apertures are flared for hygienic purposes - both inside and out; no corners that could harbour dirt.
  • Where required, internal welds can be ground flush and strip polished for ease of cleaning.
  • External welds are strip polished - again for easy cleaning in aseptic environments.
  • All breathers are made in-house and designed for maximum air-flow.
  • Fully removable Clean In Place (CIP) system to facilitate cleaning of the sprayball.
  • GVTEC's unique optional mirror internal surface finish further enhances ease of cleaning.
  • High and low level bosses are provided for monitor-probes.
  • Choose either top or side entry mixers depending on the requirement of your process.