GVTEC's smaller wine storage and
fermentation tanks save you
space and money.

Perfect for boutique wineries and other winemakers who need to produce smaller batches of high-quality wine, GVTEC's smaller tanks provide a cost-effective solution for fermentation and storage. They're also ideally suited to olive oil production.

Floating dome lid stainless steel tanks.

On these fermentation and storage tanks the floating dome offers an excellent airtight seal. It is manufactured with a snug-fitting pneumatic stainless steel lid, rubber tube and a stainless steel pump with manometer. The drain has a valve. Bottom access can be provided by way of a discharge manway, if required.

Variable capacity small storage tanks.

To meet the growing demand for smaller batches of high-quality wine, these innovative and versatile tanks provide a cost-effective fermentation storage solution. Ideal for the boutique winery. They range in capacity from 1 000 to 10 000 litres.

Mobile tanks - forklift, trolley and pallet friendly.

Need to move wine in batches to different areas on your premises? These cleverly engineered vessels are a multifunctional must-have in a winery or bottling plant. They are easily moved by forklift or trolley, and are pallet compatible. They can also be designed for fermentation and storage, if desired.

Stackable tanks save space.

Convenient, space-saving, and made to size to suit your needs. They are easily moved by forklift or trolley. Pallet compatible.

Efficient cooling.

Dimple cooling jackets - manufactured using GVTEC's unique automated spot-resistance welding process to eliminate human error and ensure more efficient through-flow of coolant - can be supplied in varying percentages of coverage, benchmarked according to the intended use of the tank.

Easy cleaning.

GVTEC's unique mirror-polished interior makes for easier removal of crystals and must solids.

External polishing.

Various polishing options can be specified for the tank exterior, including circle polish, 2B, satin finish and mirror polish.

Tank dimensions and capacity

1 000 985 1 250
2 500 1 250 2 000
5 000 1 590 2 500
7 500 1 875 2 500
10 000 2 000 3 000



GVTEC specialises in designing and manufacturing purpose-built vessels. The company's qualified staff can manufacture any tank within the above specifications.

Stainless steel tanks - built to perform hygienically.

  • Fabricated from austenitic stainless steel grade 304 and 316. Austenitic steel is corrosion resistant and does not become brittle at low temperatures.
  • All apertures are flared both inside and out; no corners that could harbour dirt.
  • Internal welds are ground flush and strip polished for ease of cleaning.