Your precious oil deserves careful storage -
care that begins in our tank designs.

Your delicate olive oil has many enemies: oxygen, temperature fluctuations, unwanted tastes, unwelcome odours and light.

GVTEC designs and manufactures olive oil storage and processing tanks to protect your precious product against all these menaces.

Stainless steel tanks for olive oil producers large and small.

To suit the requirements of boutique olive oil makers as well as large-scale producers, GVTEC's olive oil tanks are custom fabricated in capacities of between 1 000 ℓ to 180 000 ℓ.

A calibrated sight level gauge can be incorporated, which is particularly useful to larger operations.

Nothing can get to your liquid gold.

GVTEC tanks have radiused corners, which allow for easy cleaning and prevent sediment being trapped. The high quality steel is inert. It is impervious to light and moisture and does not impart any flavour.

Conical shaped tank bottoms allow easy and quick cleaning. GVTEC's unique optional mirror-polished interior greatly enhances hygiene and ease of cleaning in place (CIP), to meet the stringent hygiene standards demanded by producers.

Various external surface finishes can be specified including circle polish, 2B, satin finish and mirror polish.

Tanks designed with consideration for your product.

  • Fabricated from austenitic stainless steel grade 304 throughout. Austenitic steel is corrosion resistant and does not become brittle at low temperatures.
  • All apertures are flared for hygienic purposes - both inside and out; no corners that could harbour dirt.
  • Internal welds are ground flush and strip polished for ease of cleaning.
  • External welds are strip polished - again for easy cleaning in aseptic environments.
  • Where supports are required, these are fabricated in stainless steel for durability.
  • All fittings are supplied to meet your requirements.
  • Adjustable legs can be supplied to accommodate sloping floors.

Tank dimensions and capacity

1 000 1 000 1 250 1 980
2 000 1 250 2 000 2 775
5 000 1 600 2 500 3 335
10 000 2 100 3 000 3 925
15 000 2 400 3 250 4 230
30 000 2 600 5 500 6 745
50 000 3 470 5 000 6 475



GVTEC specialises in designing and manufacturing purpose-built vessels. The company's qualified staff can manufacture any tank within the above specifications.