Cool, clean and controlled - in GVTEC
stainless steel raw milk silos.

Zero-compromise hygiene, effective insulation, convenient milk delivery and ease of product monitoring... These are just some of the criteria GVTEC uses to design and build quality raw milk silos.

GVTEC has a sound track record for the manufacture, transportation and installation of bulk milk silos throughout South Africa, as well as in neighbouring countries.

GVTEC silos are custom fabricated in capacities of from 10 000 l to 180 000 l to suit clients' requirements and available space. Insulation features stainless steel cladding supports and either low-chloride mineral wool or PIC foam.

Easy to access, easy to clean.

GVTEC's unique optional mirror-polished interior greatly enhances hygiene and ease of cleaning in place (CIP), to meet the stringent hygiene standards demanded by the dairy industry.

To facilitate access, cleaning and quality control/monitoring, an alcove at the base of the shell holds all the key ancillaries and is designed to suit the various civil requirements on site.

No carbon steel is used in GVTEC silos, not even in the base and especially not under the cladding.

Effective cooling and insulation to protect your product.

The silos are fully insulated with seal-welded hygienic cladding. Cooling jackets can be specified as an option. The jacket is applied through a fully automated process of resistance welding, so human error is eliminated. The welds are pin-point precise, allowing larger areas around each weld, for greater through-flow of coolant.

Anti corrosion built in - for a long and productive life.

To protect the stainless steel under the cladding against corrosion, GVTEC applies an even barrier of anti-stress corrosion lacquer and a foil moisture barrier between the mineral wool (or PIC foam) insulation and the exterior of the tank.

Tank dimensions and capacity

10 000 2 050 3 000 4 625
20 000 2 500 4 000 5 745
30 000 2 620 5 500 7 275
50 000 3 520 5 500 6 250
100 000 3 500 10 750 11 500
180 000 3 990 14 750 15 500



The above capacity and dimensions are indicative only and generally all silos are scoped to meet space constraints.

Designed for the daily demands of dairy production.

  • Fabricated from austenitic stainless steel grade 304 throughout. Austenitic steel is corrosion resistant and does not become brittle at low temperatures.
  • All apertures are flared for hygienic purposes - both inside and out; no corners that could harbour dirt.
  • Internal welds are ground flush and strip polished for ease of cleaning.
  • External welds are strip polished - again for easy cleaning in aseptic environments.
  • Bottoms are flat, reinforced, with a 3% fall to the outlet.
  • Where supports are required, these are fabricated in stainless steel for durability.
  • All breathers are made in-house, designed for maximum air-flow.
  • Fully removable Clean In Place (CIP) system to facilitate cleaning of the sprayball. The assembly terminates at floor level for easy access.
  • GVTEC's unique optional mirror internal surface finish further enhances ease of cleaning.
  • High and low level bosses are provided for monitor-probes and pressure transducers.
  • The agitator is mounted in a hygienic cowl-type flange.
  • The oval manway is inward/outward opening and CIP-friendly.
  • To ensure compliance with strict manufacturing standards, a comprehensive data book contains a sign-off internal quality plan, dye penetrant reports for all internal welding and material certificates of construction to verify traceability and conformance of material.
  • Ladders, walkways and platforms can be custom-built and assembled on-site.