GVTEC red wine fermenters
for perfect control of the
winemaking process.

For decades, GVTEC has equipped South African winemakers with the state-of-the-art means to perfect their craft - with full control over fermentation.

The company has installed over 1 500 custom made stainless steel red wine fermenters since 2000 alone, of which 500 were either partially or fully automated.

Automated red wine fermenter - type CE.

This tank facilitates the mixing of the juice and skins, speeding up the process by remontage (pumping over or racking and aeration). The process is fully programmable; different durations and frequencies of recirculation can be selected. Automation also allows optimum cooling temperature to be set.

The juice recirculation system is fitted with an inlet butterfly valve for easier chemical dosing. The inline pump can accommodate small quantities of solids. The sparger is either hydraulically or electrically powered, and designed to maximize the spray pattern for optimum colour extraction. Removing the skins is quick, thanks to a discharge blade driven by a geared motor, and the specially designed tank door.

Fermentamatic tank helps bring the characteristics of your wine to the fore.

This type employs all the above technology, with the addition of a perforated central filter column, which allows for the static draining of free-run juice. By filtering out solids, it allows much greater control of the must being drawn away for pumping-over during fermentation.

As result, the flavours, colour and aromas of the grape can be delicately and more fully extracted.

Precise temperature control for consistent wine quality.

All GVTEC fermentation tanks are provided with dimple cooling jackets. The jacket is applied through a fully automated process of resistance welding, so human error is eliminated. The welds are pin-point precise, allowing larger areas around each weld, for more efficient through-flow of coolant.

Easy cleaning for higher hygiene.

GVTEC's unique mirror-polished interior makes for easier removal of tartaric acid and must solids, reducing cleaning time and costs.

Tank dimensions and capacity

36 500 3 950 3 000 29.2
65 000 3 800 5 750 50
75 000 3 950 6 000 60
100 000 3 950 8 125 80
120 000 4 300 8 250 96



GVTEC specialises in designing and manufacturing purpose-built vessels. The company's qualified staff can manufacture any tank within the above specifications.

Wine fermentation tanks built to superior specs.

  • Austenitic s/s grade 304 and 316. Corrosion resistant. Won't become brittle at low temps.
  • Ball valves have a third hole in the ball and a drain-fitting in the valve body so valve can be flushed while tank is filled. Removable valves for easy sterilization.
  • All apertures are flared inside and out; no corners that could harbour dirt.
  • Internal welds are ground smooth and strip polished for ease of cleaning.
  • Custom sizes. On legs or frames.
  • Options available on automated cap plunging equipment.