Beer Tanks

Wine Storage

Each vessel is purpose-built to the client's requirements. Our internal Quality Control Programme monitors and verifies every step of the manufacturing process.

Because brewing is a temperature-critical process, GVTEC vessels can be fully or partly insulated and clad in the factory.

For cooling to precisely controlled temperatures, water, glycol or ammonia can be used as coolant in our dimple cooling jackets. Our Inflated cooling jackets are machine welded. Higher flow rates of coolant is more economical to run through these inflated jackets. Pre-formed jackets can also be installed, if requested. Cooling can be fully automated and programmed once the tanks are in position.

Diameters of up to 5,5 metre are possible, thanks to GVTEC's sophisticated de-coiling and welding process, in which horizontal lengths of steel - instead of sheets - are used. This means that only a single weld seam is needed - ensuring durability, a clear saving in labour costs and a clear advance in hygienic standards.

GVTEC tanks can be built as certified pressure vessels, according to PD5500 and SANS 347, each undergoing stringent third-party verification. Welds are dye-penetrant tested for integrity.

Stainless steel Grades 304 or 316 are used. Plate thicknesses used range from 2 mm to 12 mm.

Tanks can be fully insulated with seal-welded, hygienic stainless steel cladding. Low-chlorine mineral wool is used as insulation (50 mm or 100 mm thick). Fully welded or riveted cladding (subcontracted) on request.

Built to the stringent specifications that your brewing process demands, a GVTEC vessel will deliver dependable performance and predictable results for many years to come.


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