Customized stainless steel tanks for
Africa... and the world.
For over 50 years.

From an automated facility in the Winelands town of Wellington, GVTEC delivers high quality stainless steel storage and processing tanks to a broad range of customers across various industries. Equipment is supplied to producer and processing companies in the wine, olive, brewery, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, throughout South Africa, into Africa and across the world.

GVTEC is the confluence of two established forces in the stainless steel vessel manufacturing industry: South African stalwart Grotto, and Velo, a respected South African specialist manufacturer with an Italian heritage spanning over 150 years.


The staff of GVTEC have over 1 000 years cumulative experience in the design and manufacture of stainless steel liquid storage and processing vessels. Tanks manufactured in these two facilities have been successfully commissioned in businesses on five continents.

Quality steel tanks - value and performance you can rely on. Guaranteed.

GVTEC's premises extend to nearly 3 000 m2 under roof, and employ over 150 people.

The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art plant, such as automated welding machines, Computer Numerical Control cutting equipment, welding turntables, de-coiler, guillotines, ring-polisher and other polishing machinery, spot welder, shell forming rollers, automatic and robotic seam welders, and specialized lifting equipment.

The combined operations can handle vessels up to 20 m in length and 5 m in diameter vertically inside the works. The factory manufactures stainless steel tanks with capacities of 1 000 litres to 400 000 litres. A purpose-designed external crane is used to manoeuvre larger vessels, up to 30 m long and 6 m in diameter. Vessels larger than this are usually assembled on site.

Whatever your enterprise, GVTEC will make a stainless steel tank for you.

Harnessing decades of expertise developed by both Grotto and Velo, GVTEC continues a proud tradition of supplying excellent craftsmanship to the South African and international wine industries.

The company offers a full range of juice fermentation, blending, mixing and bottling vessels to manufacturers of natural, flavoured and alcoholic drinks.

Tank and cellar design.

Company engineers and draftsmen employ advanced technology in 3D programming design. A stringent quality assurance programme is in place. These capabilities enable GVTEC to present a unique range of services to clients:

  • planning and optimizing vessel and building layout
  • walkway, staircase and platform design and manufacture
  • product and cooling piping design and installation
  • turnkey project management

Quality remains the focus and the company is continually investigating ways to improve every facet of its operations, specifically striving to raise quality benchmarks even higher than the current standards, which comply with ISO 9001:2000.