Red wine fermentation

Wine Storage

The company has installed over 1 500 custom made stainless steel
red wine fermenters since 2000 alone, of which 500 were either
partially or fully automated.




Automated red wine fermenter

This tank facilitates the mixing of the juice and skins, speeding up the process by remontage (pumping over or racking and aeration). The process is fully programmable. Different durations and frequencies of recirculation can be selected. Automation also allows the optimum cooling temperature to be set.

The juice recirculation system is fitted with an inlet butterfly valve for easier chemical dosing. The inline pump can accommodate small quantities of solids. The sparger is designed to maximize the spray pattern for optimum colour extraction. Removing the skins is quick, thanks to a discharge blade driven by a geared motor and the specially designed tank sliding door.

All GVTEC fermentation tanks are provided with dimple cooling jackets. Inflatable jackets are applied through a fully automated process of spot welding, so human error is eliminated. Pre-formed dimple jackets or spiral channel jackets can also be offered, if requested.